Frequently Asked Questions
Are all Vocals on VocalWarehouse.com royalty-free?
Yes. You have a broad royalty-free license for every vocal pack that you download from VocalWarehouse.com to this item.
What is your License Policy?
 All vocals on VocalWarehouse.com are cleared for release on all platforms and are completely royalty-free. 
Non-Exclusive Vocals 
 The vocal is licensed by many buyers. If you purchase a Non-Exclusive Vocal you can release a "new song" that you create with the vocal stems on all streaming platforms, and you collect royalties. You do not own the recorded vocal stems or the lyrics, you have simply purchased a license to release and monetize this non-exclusive content. You are forbidden to re-sell any non-exclusive vocal stems from VocalWarehouse.com Any attempt to re-sell non-exclusive vocal stems from this site will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Exclusive Vocals 
 You have no limitations — You own the vocals. All Exclusive Vocal sales are final. When purchasing an 'Exclusive Vocal', you are purchasing a full buy-out of the master copyright, granting you 100% ownership of the vocal recordings (stems); this includes all royalties made from the use, and monetization, of the purchased vocal.
PLEASE NOTE, some of our tracks may require a 50% share of publishing, which will be listed within the product description. However you will never have to share in any streaming royalties as it will be yours.
Do I have 100% ownership of my composition (track) if I use Non-Exclusive Vocals from VocalWarehouse.com?
 Yes. You have ownership of your composition made with VocalWarehouse.com, but as a reminder, you don’t own the copyright to the actual vocal samples. Other Vocal Warehouse users can use the same vocals samples without infringing on your track and vice versa.
Can I register my creative work that uses Non-Exclusive Vocals for a copyright? 
We encourage you to explore your options to register a copyright in your work. While we do not prohibit you from doing so, copyright law will dictate whether or not you are eligible for registration.
What are the limitations of a Non-Exclusive Vocal license?
 The only limitations are that you may not re-sell or repackage the vocals into sample packs or loops to distribute.
Vocal sample in isolation is strictly forbidden. You may not create new Vocal Packs to sell or compete with VocalWarehouse.com To be clear - you may not transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use the vocals on their own without music — the vocals must be used in a new music product “new song or new track” which can be released on all platforms and collect royalties.
What is your refund policy? 
We offer a 30 Day: 100% money back guarantee on issues of unusable audio quality only. All Exclusive Vocal Sales are Final.
Thank you for trusting Vocal Warehouse for your musical projects.